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You May See an Angel

You May See an Angel

by Pat Leonard

John was almost five years old that Christmas.  Wasn’t it only natural that he was filled with awe and curiosity on that special night?

He did not have an important part in the school Christmas pageant, but was just one of many in the kindergarten class.  As the children gathered at school for the program, the teachers were busy with preparations and the costumes of those chosen to be Mary and Joseph and the angels, shepherds, and wisemen.  No one noticed a little boy go out the door into the hall.

But he had heard the baby!  There was to be a baby—he knew that.

Down the dark hall was the way he had to go.  He wondered why God didn’t send the star, and then he remembered.  The star wasn’t for him.  It was really for the shepherds and the wisemen, and he wasn’t anybody important like that.  He’d have to be very brave and go alone to find the baby.  He turned the corner cautiously.

At the far end of the hall, he saw a light from a doorway.  Then he heard the baby’s cry more clearly.  He knew where to go.

Mary Meadowcroft knelt beside the chair her husband, Joe, had brought to school for his sixth-grade reading corner as she put young Jeffrey down to rest.  He was normally a contented baby.  Had she known he would cry like this, she would have stayed at home with him instead of coming to school with Joe to see the pageant.

The sudden presence of so many eager children must have frightened Jeffrey for be began crying almost immediately and would not be stilled.  At least the program would not be long.  Mary decided to wait here in Joe’s classroom with the baby, so his crying would not disturb anyone.

Suddenly, she was startled to hear a little voice questioning, “Are you Mary?”

“Why, yes, I am,” she answered with amazement.  “Do I know you?”

“I came to see your baby,” said John.  “I didn’t know He ever cried like that,” he added softly.

“Jeffrey is just frightened to be in a strange place.”

“Hi,” John said softly as he knelt down beside the baby.  “I’m John.  I’m not a wiseman or anything, but they couldn’t come.”

The baby stopped crying to turn and look at John.  Mary remained perfectly still, her mouth drawn into an astonished “Oh!”

“I forgot to bring something, little Jeffrey Jesus.”

The baby was smiling now.  John put out a tentative finger to touch him and said in whispered adoration.  “I really do love you, Jeffrey Jesus.”

Suddenly John smiled.  “I know what I can give you!  I’ll sing you a song that we’ve been practicing!  I know all the words!”

By now John’s parents had come searching for him.  They were stopped in the doorway by the sight of Mary and the baby listening to John’s gift of song.


                                                Bless all the dear children

                                                In your tender care,

                                                And take us to heaven

                                                To live with you there.

The baby beamed at the singing child while the three adults, their hearts full of wonder, saw a glimpse of an angel that night.

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