Christmas Stories

A collection of 100+ favorite Christmas Stories

A Letter To Santa


Dear Santa:

As I have been shopping and planning my gifts for others this Christmas season, I have been thinking of the gifts I would like for myself.  Please, dear Santa, bring me:

Patience, and an understanding heart, and the wisdom to guide my children to happy, useful adulthood.

A knowledge of the things needful for my spouse’s happiness and health so that I may be a good helpmate as well as an understanding parent.

Give me thoughtfulness that I may share my abundant joy with my own parents and do what I can for them in return for all they have given me.

I wish, too, a joyous spirit which would meet each trial with a smile and add to the happiness of my friends and neighbors.

Give me a critical attitude toward my own faults and a tolerant one toward the faults of others.

And lastly, give me such a sense of fellowship with all people on earth that I cannot be truly happy until I have done my utmost to bring joy and relieve sorrow and suffering for others wherever they may be.

                                      Gratefully yours.

P.S.  If I have asked for too much, just give me a living, loving faith in the teachings of Him whose birthday we are celebrating this Christmas.

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