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Some Relation

Some Relation

One cold winter day, a ragged little urchin stood on a street corner of a large city, selling newspapers. His feet were bare and he had no coat. As he stood there shivering, a woman walking past noticed  the child. She approached him and said, “Come with me dear. I want to buy you a coat and some shoes.”

A smile lightened his cold little face as he took her hand. She led him to a large department store, where she had him completely outfitted from head to toe with sturdy winter clothing.

The boy was putting on the last of his new clothing as she paid the bill and slipped quietly out the door. When he finished dressing, he looked for the lady to tell her thank you. He was told by the clerk that she had gone.

He ran from the store, frantically looking up and down the street. He must find the lady to thank her! There she was, walking down the street! He quickly ran to her, took her hand and said, “Lady, why did you go? I wanted to thank you!”

“You’re most welcome dear,” she smiled.

The little boy then looked up into her face and said solemnly, “Lady, who are you? Are you God’s wife?”

No,” she softly replied, “I’m just one of His children.”

“Oh I knew it!” he smiled with tears in his eyes. “I just knew you were some relation.”

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