Christmas Stories

A collection of 100+ favorite Christmas Stories


Many years ago my wife had put together a collection of some favorite Christmas stories for our kids. I decided to take the next step, put them online and then add to them. I wanted a place for people to find their favorite stories. Also I didn’t want this to be a money-making venture. There are no ads on this website. I pay added hosting fees so that there are no ads here.  I just wanted to provide this as my gift.

Also I am always looking for additional stories to add. If you have any – please send them to me at

If you have any suggestions for me – please use the comment box below.

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  1. I too am a “mormon” and I love your website. I am really enjoying the 25 days of Christmas stories. I found the article under interesting things written by Heber Q Hale very interesting and moving. Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas!


  2. I wanted to use some of these stories in sacrament meeting however I can not get them to print or even email them to myself. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can make this happen/


  3. Interestingly, research on the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon suggests that Zenoch really should be spelt with an ‘h.’ However, a scribal error changed it to a ‘z.’


    1. Also – if I were to follow exactly what the BoM has – it would be Zenock or corrected per your comment Henock. Oh well….


  4. I have a Christmas blog and am constantly looking for stories. this years theme is on service at Christmas time. I was touched by your story, A big Brother’s Gift, and would like to include it in one of this year’s blogs. Will providing a link to your site be sufficient Documentation of the story?


    1. I don’t claim ownership or authorship for any of the stories. These are stories that mostly my wife has found and collected over the years. You can certainly provide a link, but I am not the author and thereby have no authority to give approval for it.


  5. I have a copy of the story you call “Birthday” given by one of the Logan Temple Presidencies’ wives yesterday (December 19, 2018), except it has a few more sentences at the end. Her story was entitled “Anniversary.” She found it in a book her mother gave her last year before passing away.


    1. I don’t claim authorship of the stories. I’ve just collected them. So I can neither approve / nor disapprove of you using them. Just make sure and give credit to the author listed in the story.


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