Christmas Stories

A collection of 100+ favorite Christmas Stories

Christmas ABC’s



A      is for ANGELS

        With robes so bright

        Whose carols were heard

        On that first Christmas Night.

B      is for BABY

        The Christ Child so dear.

        We celebrate His birthday

        On Christmas each year.

C      is for CANDLES

        That so brightly shine

        To give a warm welcome

        To your friends and mine.

D      is for DOORWAYS

        With garlands of green

        To make Christmas merry

        As far as they’re seen.

E      is for EVERGREENS

        A Christmas decor

        We see at the windows

        And hung on the door.

F      is for FUN

        The whole season long,

        From trimming the tree

        To singing a song.

G     is for GREETINGS,

        A merry ”Hello”

        With a heart full of love

        For people we know.

H      is for HOLLY

        With berries so red

        To make into wreaths

        To hang overhead.

I       is for ICE

        On snow covered hills

        Where sledding is fun

        Along with the spills.

J      is for JINGLE BELLS

        Merrily ringing.

        To the whole wide world

        Joy they are bringing.

K      is for KRIS KRINGLE

        So happy he stands.

        He’s also called Santa

        In some other lands.

L      is for LANTERNS.

        I’m sure that their light

        Helped Mary and Joseph

        That first Christmas night.

M     is for MARY,

        Her heart full of love

        For her Son, little Jesus,

        Who came from above.

N      is for NOEL

        The angels did sing

        To herald the birth

        Of Jesus, the King.

O     is for ORNAMENTS,

        So shiny and bright.

        With lights on the tree

        They sparkle at night.

P      is for PACKAGES,

        Presents so gay

        All ‘round the tree

        For our Christmas day.

Q     is for QUIET

        Christmas Eve night

        With snow covered hills

        Glistening so bright.

R      is for RED,

        A color so gay,

        Makes things look bright

        For that one “special” day.

S      is for SHEPHERDS

        Who first saw the star

        Over Bethlehem’s manger

        And followed it far.

T      is for TREES

        We decorate so gay.

        They wait for old Santa

        To hurry their way.

U      is for UNIVERSE

        All countries and places

        Where the spirit of Christmas

        Shows on bright, happy faces.

V      is for VIXEN,

        That lively reindeer

        Who always helps Santa

        Deliver the toys each year.

W     is for WISE MEN

        Who brought gifts so rare

        And fell down and worshipped

        The Christ child so fair.

X      goes with O

        And expresses much better

        The kisses and hugs

        In our Christmas letter.

Y      is for YULE LOGS

        Whose bright sparks fly high

        And give a warm welcome

        To friends passing by.

Z      is the last of the letters, and yet

        It’s they only one in the alphabet

        That doesn’t stand for something you   see

        And usually found on the Christmas      tree.

        But as Santa said as he ZOOMED        out of sight,

        “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

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