Christmas Stories

A collection of 100+ favorite Christmas Stories

Scripture Advent Reading

Traditions help bring a feeling of togetherness into the home at Christmas time.  Beginning on December 13, read two scriptures a day as you burn the Advent candle.  Add to this what you wish–such as low lighting, special music and singing together.  This tradition adds to our knowledge and love of Christ during this wonderful season.





Day Event                                                                             Reference                              Jesus Christ

1              Raising the daughter of Jairus                           Luke 8:41-56                       was compassionate

                Forgiving the sinful woman                               Luke 7:36-50                       was forgiving

2              Healing the nobleman’s son                              John 4:46-53                        had power to heal

                Cleansing the temple                                          John 2:13-17                        was reverent & opposed evil

3              Calming the storm                                               Mark 4:35-41                       had power over the elements

                Blessing the children                                           Mark 10:13-16                    loved children

4              Dining with Mary and Martha                          Luke 10:38-42                     made people happy

                Suffering in the Garden                                      Luke 22:41-45                     was submissive

5              Washing the feet of the Apostles                      John 13:3-17                        was humble

                Choosing his Apostles                                         Luke 6:12-13                       was prayerful

6              Advanced in wisdom                                          Luke 2:51-52                       obeyed his parents

                Was baptized                                                       Matthew 3:13-17                                obedient to God’s law

7              Sermon on the Mount                                        Matthew 5:2-16                   gave counsel

                Christ in the temple                                             Luke 2:42-49                       taught when 12

8              The Lord’s Prayer                                                Matthew 6:9-13                   taught how to pray

                The Sower                                                             Luke 8:5-16                          taught with stories

9              The Lost Sheep                                                    Luke 15:4-7                          helped sinners

                The Good Samaritan                                          Luke 10:29-36                     was kind

10           The Comforter                                                     John 14:26-27                      promised the Holy Ghost

                Fishes and Loaves                                               Matthew 14:15-21              miracles

11           Lazarus                                                                 John 11:40-44                      raised the dead

                Mary’s visitation                                                 Luke 1:26-33                       Son of the Highest

12           His birth                                                 Luke 2:1-11                          fulfilled prophecy

                Shepherds visited and wisemen                        Matthew 2:9-12                   Savior was worshipped

                brought gifts                                                         Luke 2:12-16

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